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Take Solace in the Solar Eclipse ~ Resistance is Futile

What does being knocked on my arse have to do with the upcoming solar eclipse? Last Wednesday I awoke with a flaming hot sore throat and overall malaise. I felt energetically drained yet intrigued. How did these feelings knock me off my feet when just yesterday I was full of vim and vigor?

I couldn’t do much about my curious nature that day, because even allowing myself to think about the ‘whys’ expended more energy than I possessed in that moment, so I made a decision to surrender. Totally surrender. You see, over the years I have learned and mostly the ‘hard way’, that although to resist or not to resist is a choice, I expend much less energy when I choose not to resist.

Today I felt well enough, albeit for a brief span of time, to allow my curious nature to run free. After searching the web I have gleaned I am exactly where I am ‘supposed’ to be, as it pertains to my physical and mental well-being and the approaching solar eclipse, that is.

It is commonplace to be experiencing bouts of insomnia, (however, there’s no mention of vivid, crazy dreams replete with colorful images) as well as periods of forgetfulness: “Where are my glasses?”, “Where did I leave my phone?” along with wide ranges of emotions: crying while watching ‘chick flicks’ one moment and laughing over the most mundane of things, like the dog flipping around her miniature football toy. (I am pleased to add that throughout it all, I revel in a deep inner knowing that all is well.)

Might my ‘condition’ be related directly to the upcoming solar eclipse? Might the cyclical movements of the earth and moon in relation to the sun be a driving force in the dramatic, seemingly erratic shifting of your consciousness? Your earthly ebbs and flows are all affected by the energetic push and pull of our heavenly bodies.

While there is a great deal of excitement and wonder swirling about, there is also a great deal of reverence and awe. You may find yourself a bit unbalanced or disoriented. (When the last time you experienced the magnificence of the moon standing in the way of the sun’s full power?) If you have never experienced a solar eclipse, you don’t know what your reaction will be to this historic cosmic and life-altering event.

Hold this thought close as you gaze skyward – our sun, which is representative of feminine energy*, is an incredible source of energy. For approximately three minutes, the moon, which is representative of masculine energy, will pass front and center to block the light of the sun.

The moon will stay on course, and the sun will continue to shine, even though we cannot see her light. While we know it’s not the way it’s ‘supposed’ to be, we take solace in knowing it will pass.

As you bear witness to this upcoming extraordinary event, you may want to reflect upon a time in your life when everything felt dark, hopeless and all was lost. Chances are you journeyed into your own inner landscape and connected with that darkness. You allowed yourself to be fully present to your sorrow, pain and angst to actually become one with your feelings. Eventually the light returned and you emerged stronger and more ‘enlightened’. You actually saw your life through a new set of eyes, similar to what I believe Mother Earth will experience tomorrow.

I further believe all God’s creatures have been bearing witness to a powerful shift, which has been taking place for quite some time now and that humanity will rise to a level of unprecedented love and compassion for one another, as deep healing on a soul-full level reverberates throughout the universe.

Let go and surrender into all of your feelings. I have taken solace in the fluctuating energies preceding the solar eclipse; knowing resistance is futile. During this process I have uncovered yet another piece of my soul.

As you ready yourself to stand in the shadow of the moon (actually and/or metaphorically) embrace the darkness, take solace in and celebrate the magnificence in the moment and the wonders of our world.

*There are numerous schools of thought relative to the assignation of gender to the sun and the moon. The more ancient believe the sun is feminine and the moon, masculine.

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