Design Your Own Process with Spirit

If you thrive outside the box, or are tired of attempting to fit in – you are going to love this!  You decide upon the level of commitment you want to make to yourself and I will create the optimal un-program process for you to follow.

Being truly alive encompasses so much.  It may be perfect health revealing, loving relationships flourishing or your life prospering.  It may be a change of mindset from “I’ll believe it when I see it” to “Because I believe it – I will see it.”

You define what being truly alive means, or your own true wealth and that’s simply beautiful.   Imagine YOUR LIFE as a blank canvas upon which you are about to create a work of art. 

YOU are that work of art.

You get to choose the creative medium, the colors, the style, the design…

  • For some it may be mending a broken relationship, or forgiving someone.
  • For others, it may be cultivating the courage to explore and heal the depths of your deepest pain.
  • You may simply want to increase the amount of time you invest in self-care, recreation, fun.
  • You may want to shift your energy from unconsciously rejecting money, to effortlessly attracting it.
  • Or you may be stuck in a rut and praying for a solution to up-level your business or enrich your life.

During this Excellent Experience you will:

  • Check in/Tune In to WHO and WHERE you are at this moment in time.
  • Identify your strengths and greatest attributes to serve as your launching point, from which you will begin to build the foundation for training and development.
  • Discover through your strong suits and practical hands-on exercises where your blind spots are located; the areas or realms of your life which silently scream for attention or quietly hide in the absence of love.
  • Focus on one of the realms which craves healing and development and begin to transform by calling upon and tapping into your own innate resources (your intuition and spirit).
  • Learn to courageously connect with your ancestral assets, your (multi-generational) lineage and understand how your limiting beliefs influence the choices you make, so you may begin to course correct and make choices which serve you better.
  • Let go of the struggle and transform the ‘guilt’ or ‘feelings of selfishness’ by understanding the necessity and value of choosing yourself first.
  • Increase your self-worth account and watch your ‘balance’ grow.
  • Enjoy a healthy exchange of give and take as your well-being soars.
  • Celebrate your new-found strength of spirit and self-compassion; you’re a magnificent work of art!

Actions & Payoffs of this Excellent Experience:

  • Connect with your spiritual guides and experience profound insights through spirit wisdom and my gentle, yet powerful co-counseling.
  • Call forth and assemble your Spirit Success Team; invite your ancestors to be an integral, intuitive addition to the process and guide you to satisfying success.
  • Shift your energy from unconsciously rejecting the suggestions of your intuition to effortlessly accepting ‘her’ wisdom.
  • Transform contracting emotions and feelings which close down receptivity to awaken feelings of expansiveness.
  • Learn how to stop feeling emotionally bankrupt and start to gain an understanding of the emotional and spiritual value of self-acceptance and self-worth.

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