3 Hour Intensive with Spirit

Allow Intuition and Spirit to guide you. Take in a deep breath and gently exhale. You are about to embark upon the journey of your lifetime.

If you are willing to go deep and go deep quickly – this Intensive is for you.

While the area requiring healing in this particular case is ‘success’ the methodology and process is applied to all areas.

When considering the benefits of this intensive, you may want to consider the following questions:
  • Do you find yourself struggling to reach a level of success without knowing what defines success?
  • Are you so wrapped up in the pursuit of material gains/goods that you have lost sight of the little things in life?
  • Have you attained colossal success and now sit on top of the world in misery and with regrets?
  • Are you totally clueless as to what success means for you, and would you like to gain a clearer understanding of its meaning?
  • Do you sometimes wonder since “you can’t take it with you” then what is the pursuit of success all about?
  • What if you had the resources available at your fingertips to ask these and many other questions about success of those who now dwell in the spirit realm and who have lived through and experienced these scenarios?
  • Would you explore the possibilities, connect and seek their expertise?

During this Intensive you will:

  • Check in/Tune In to WHO and WHERE you are at this moment in time.
  • Identify your strengths and greatest attributes to serve as your launching point, from which you will begin to build the foundation for training and development.
  • Focus on one of the realms which craves healing and development and begin to transform by calling upon and tapping into your own innate resources (your intuition and spirit).
  • Learn to courageously connect with your ancestral assets, your (multi-generational) lineage and understand how your limiting beliefs influence the choices you make, so you may begin to course correct and make choices which serve you better.

Actions & Payoffs of this three hour Intensive ~ Spirit Driven Solutions for Success

  • Connect with your intuition and spiritual guides to experience profound insights through spirit wisdom and my gentle, yet powerful co-counseling.
  • Call forth and invite your ancestors to be an integral, intuitive addition to the process and guide you to satisfying success.
  • Shift your energy from unconsciously rejecting the suggestions of your intuition to effortlessly accepting ‘her’ wisdom.
  • Transform contracting emotions and feelings which close down receptivity to awaken feelings of expansiveness.
  • Learn how to stop feeling emotionally bankrupt and start to gain an understanding of the emotional and spiritual value of self-acceptance and self-worth.

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