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The Spirits Speak on Success

What is the first thought that comes to mind when you hear someone speak about success? What do you think it would take for you to feel successful?

You have your own definition or interpretation of success and your own markers. What does success look like? What does success feels like? What does it take to achieve success? Is it a meaningful relationship, a profession that pays well and nourishes one’s soul? How much forethought and planning is required?

The markers change as the years roll by and as you achieve success in one area of your life and subsequently in another area. You find your mate and cultivate a meaningful relationship, work toward and achieve that ideal job or business, and then you decide to focus on creating financial security, to carry you through retirement. Your markers change as your life changes.

As your markers change, so do your needs, wants and desires. Your perception of success ebbs and flows. You may not even think about ‘success’ all that much.

But what if you were presented with insight from those who have gone before us, concerning the very idea of success?

What if this insight contained relevant information from tried-and-true lessons and had the possibility to change your life now as you live and breathe?

What would you do if you were handed keys which would unlock the door enabling you to achieve success unlike any success you have ever previously thought about and you could achieve it now?

Oftentimes, in the pursuit of success you are so focused on the end result you overlook the ‘little things’ along the way. The ‘nuggets’ which possess everything you are looking for; so it takes more time and energy to achieve your ultimate goals. You may go to your grave never achieving your goals because you are burdened by the quest. When, if you would only take the time to pause, look at and appreciate those ‘little things’, your load, so to speak, would become lightened, answers would be revealed, and your path made so much smoother.

I have been learning, through my partnership with the spirit realm, the depth of the spirits’ insight and the love of sharing that which they have learned and now articulate unlike they were ever able to when they were in form. It pleases them to pass their wisdom along and so, in that spirit, I extended an invitation to the spirit realm to join me in a collaborative book writing project, over a sixty day period of time. This project became a part of me, occupying my heart and soul, and ‘our’ book, The Spirits Speak on Success, was recently birthed and published.

The Spirits Speak on Success is chock-full of those ‘little things’ I previously mentioned, shared by those who have gone before us. Their view of life is expressed from a much different vantage point. They see with new eyes and they openly share their nuggets. This book is the first in a series. It contains 60 must read candid commentaries on success as told through the eyes and the essence of the spirit realm.

Don’t bDMFord The Spirits Speak Success Celieve? Doesn’t matter. These witty pieces of advice will guide you through tried-and-true real world wisdom that’s useful everywhere.

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