Your Independence Begins Now

You are as independent as the ties which bind you. Your lineage dictates your behaviors and on some level directs your way of thinking. That is until it does not.

You are most likely familiar with the expressions “you are a product of your upbringing”, or “you are a product of your environment”. My theory is you are a product of your ancestors’ mindsets, beliefs and behaviors; the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful. And you will never be totally independent until you take the time to discern which mindsets, beliefs and behaviors belong to you and which belong to your ancestors; parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and so on.

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Thankful For My Spirit Support Team

Thankful for My Spirit Support Team

I am thankful for the business I created over a decade ago, which serves not only individuals seeking to connect with their loved ones in the afterlife, by way of a reading here and there, but those individuals who seek a connection and ‘then some’.

The ‘them some’ I refer to is deep, meaningful, lasting lifestyle changes, and/or counseling, guidance and strategy to deal with life altering upsets or challenges you may find yourself suddenly embroiled in.

We achieve those deep, meaningful, lasting lifestyle changes and/or counseling, guidance and strategy by calling forth and assembling our ancestors and mentors in spirit, and creating our very own ‘Spirit Support Team’.

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Get Out Of Your Own Way

“Get out of your own way and deliver the message” – advice I received from my mentor when I began to tap into my own ability to connect to and communicate with the spirit realm.

For a gal who is inquisitive by nature and questions every little thing, this was counter-intuitive. I thought getting out of my own way was going to pose a problem, until I was reminded of a moment during early sobriety which helped me to make the connection. When I reflected upon this moment, a lightbulb went off and I ‘got it’! I understood the advice my mentor had shared with me.

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Set Yourself Up for Success

Do you believe you control your destiny or do you believe your destiny controls you – or, do you believe it’s a little bit of both – a give and take of sorts?

If you were able to control your own destiny – fully – in every aspect – would there be magic, synchronicities, impromptu moments or things done and actions taken “on a whim”?

If your destiny did control you – would you think for yourself, be creative, make your own decisions, or would you be a slave to all that is put before you… a thought processing machine?

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Question Everything

How often have you walked away from a conversation, left a meeting, or a get-together and thought: damn, why didn’t I ask that question? 

Then you went on your merry way racking your brain, repeating the question over and over, arriving with a slew of possible answers, not knowing which might be correct?

Add that question to your list of unanswered questions or questions to be asked at a later date.

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