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Power and Possibilities Await You

What will it take for you to fully accept the power and possibilities which await you?

We, your loved ones in spirit and I, know you are out there and we know you know the truth of the matter. This article is for you. For those of you who dismiss the idea of connecting with your ancestors and loved ones in spirit, but still have a lingering curiosity and feel drawn to continue reading, this article is for you.

You do not have to wait until you are on the precipice of disaster to reach out for help. Asking for help should not be treated as a last ditch effort. You need not find yourself forced into a proverbial corner, nowhere to turn and no one to turn to, to realize you need help. That type of behavior is unsettling and wreaks havoc upon your entire system.

My philosophy to living a good life is rooted in the belief that when you live your life in balance, you are well-grounded and can better handle whatever comes your way. You are less likely to freak out over the ‘little’ things. Over the years I have learned that balance can be attained and maintained by paying attention to the primary and secondary foods which nourish you. (Primary foods, found on a plate, nourish your body; secondary foods include healthy relationships, a fulfilling career and spiritual practice and nourish your soul.)

Healthy relationships include relationships we have with the living and the dead. Do you see where I’m going here? We all need someone to lean on and the ‘dead’ are no exception. They enjoy having someone to lean on and they enjoy being leaned upon. I cannot stress the importance of acknowledging their existence, keeping them close and maintaining a secure and loving connection. (I believe it is as important as eating well and exercising.) Their around the clock availability makes it a simple process and fosters balance.

From time to time I receive a call from someone who is in dire straits; they don’t have anywhere to turn or anyone to turn to. Typically they are in full panic mode; hoping their loved ones in spirit can help. Imagine the physiological toll that takes on a human body? While I do not encourage anyone to paint themselves into a corner as such, I welcome that type of call because I know that person has ‘finally’ listened and has taken a step toward helping themselves, which is a huge first step. They have allowed their loved ones to guide them to me to seek help.

Although I would encourage anyone to not wait until their fuse is near blown, I welcome that type of call because they have taken some type of action. They have stepped into their power – they are ready to explore possibilities. I welcome that type of call because I know I have a connection to make, a conversation to host, and messages to deliver.

The conversations during our sessions consistently deliver powerful, affirming, lasting results. My clients receive comfort, clarity, hope and direction. Why wait until you are out of balance and in crisis to reach out?

Seek the balance connection and conversation affords. Make it a point to reach out on a regular basis and take heed in the comfort that your ancestors and loved ones in spirit are always here for you. When you are in balance and in connection, nothing will ruffle your feathers. And in the event something does ruffle your feathers, as life balance ebbs and flows, take joy in in the knowing you will be back on your feet, feeling stronger and more fortified in record time.

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