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‘Old Dogs, New Tricks’

There are so many lessons to be learned from the spirit realm. Lessons we were either unable to ‘take in’ when our parents attempted to teach us many moons ago – or lessons we were not ready to learn when our grandparents walked this earth plane wishing to share their experience and advice.

It is however, refreshing to know it is never too late to learn and yes, my dear, it is never too late to teach ‘old dogs new tricks’.

During a recent session my client’s mother, in spirit, comforted her daughter by apologizing for dismissing her dream – the dream her daughter had as a child, of changing the world through a heartfelt humanitarian act. Her mother explained she was not equipped, nor did she have the means to put that dream into motion, and so it was dismissed. Plain and simple. Case closed. The good news is my client never dismissed her dream, though she did bury it deep within.

During our session, her mother came through loud and clear – with an apology and an action plan. You see, she is now ready to breathe life into that dream. She is now standing by with ample means and clout to help make her daughter’s dream come true. She explained that what she wasn’t able to do for her daughter 60 years ago – she is more than capable and inspired to do so now. My client’s dream has been taken down off the shelf, dusted off and is being set into motion. It will come to fruition. I know that. Her mother knows that. And I do believe my client now knows that as well.

If I do say so myself, that’s an ‘old dog, new trick’ story at its finest.

Spirits love helping out. They view the world from a different, more influential vantage point, or so I am told. Our ancestors and loved ones have so much to offer and they long to help us in the here and now.

Think about the generations who went before you… their combined knowledge and experience which has accumulated over the decades. All of that knowledge and experience is available to you right now. I suggest you leverage your lineage while you can. Access your ancestors, listen to their guidance and allow yourself to be open to their suggestions.

I am of the belief all ‘old dogs’ whether in the here and now or the hereafter, are and can learn ‘new tricks’ each and every day.


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