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Call Your Mother!

Call your mother! How often have you heard those words over the course of your lifetime? It doesn’t matter if you are young or old or somewhere in between… if you have ever had a mother or a mother ‘figure’ in your lifetime, you have heard the words “call your mother”!

If you are thinking about calling your mother right now and can do so – you may want to pick up the telephone and make that call. You know your mother will be happy to hear from you.

If you are thinking about all the opportunities you had over the course of your lifetime to call your mother, but you did not, regret not – I will help you to do so now.

It is as simple as picking up the telephone and dialing her number. Your mother will most likely be happier than ever, because she has been ‘calling you’ ever since she has transitioned into spirit and you have finally ‘answered the telephone’. Based upon my relationship with the spirit realm, I know your loved ones do not give up their hope of you eventually responding to their call.

Over the years I have grown acutely aware of the effort which is required for your loved ones in spirit to get your attention. The connection and communication part of the process is somewhat of a breeze, once they have your attention. I am also acutely aware of the gratitude and joy they experience when you make the time to hear, listen, connect and communicate.

I am here in service of spirit, to let you know it is not only possible to hear, listen, connect and communicate, it is commonplace. Nine out of ten times when I am contacted by you to request a reading it is because your loved one in spirit needs to connect with you. They guided you to me. Your follow-through (contacting me) is a direct result of you hearing, listening and reaching out to connect and communicate. I guarantee our time together is a priceless investment – so go ahead, make someone happy.

As we approach Mother’s Day when your mother’s need to connect with you becomes more intense, I recommend you pay particular attention to what you hear. You may hear a faint plea to call your mother, or you may feel a wave of emotion wash over you. However you experience her need to connect with you – take heed and call your mother. You and she will be glad you did.

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