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New Year Resolutions for All!

A new year typically inspires new resolutions. As you turn the calendar page you find yourself resolute once again. Your mind races with the thought of achieving unlimited possibilities. For many, the beginning of a new year goes hand-in-hand with clearing the slate as boundless opportunities stretch out in front of you.

You resolve to begin anew; to pay more attention to how you fuel and care for your fabulous body, or maybe you will find a new job this year, or perhaps give up an old (less than desirable) habit. Whatever you decide, you absolutely decide to pay more attention and focus on achieving your goals.

The beauty in it is that you possess the power to put your resolutions into action. How fabulous is that?  You are in complete control.  To quote Henry Ford; “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.”

But imagine being powerless over your decisions.

Imagine not being able to take action unless someone else is willing to help.

Imagine actually needing to rely on another person to begin the process.

Talk about feeling powerless – right?

I am here to tell you your loved ones in spirit experience a certain sense of powerless when it comes to connecting and communicating. They are limited in their ability to freely move forward. The achievement of their success is contingent upon others.

Resolutions are for all to make, and quite frankly I must admit I have not seen a more passionate ‘group of people’ more committed to or more resolved to taking action. But try as they might, your loved ones’ in spirit are forced to wait. They are forced to wait because many of you do not or cannot hear or recognize their pleas. Imagine their frustration over their inability to take action.

Your loved ones are always resolved to connect with you – that is a given, but more so they are resolved to helping you to live an easier life; as you help them by being open and present to their pleas. They long to connect and communicate. They strive to uplift and reconcile. They yearn to help you to understand them, so you can understand yourself and live the life you desire and deserve.

So how about it?

As you think about setting your New Year’s resolutions this year, will you please give thought to being open to the possibility of connecting with your loved ones in spirit? Not only will it do you good to make that connection and kick-start your year in a kick-ass direction, it will enhance your loved ones’ lives and help them to begin to achieve their resolutions as well.

Here is to a powerfully productive and heart-opening 2018!



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